Supernatural Careers

August 1, 2016

Hello everyone. Do you think it will be interesting to have a Supernatural Career specifically for an occult. Like a Witch Coven for witches, and so on? Comment your opinions. Thank you.


The Sims 3 Career Making

August 1, 2016

Hi guys. Sorry I wasn’t online for the longest time. I was very busy. I will try to make a career again but I need to download my Career Making Tools since my laptop was reformatted. Hope you guys can bear with me and stay tuned for updates. Thank you.



You will need Twallans Custom Career Mod found here: – You need to download the base-mod to make this career work.

Patch Compatibility is v1.36. Works with ]Patch 1.38-1.63 I am not sure if it works for lower patch.
Language is only in English for now.

Note: The first level of your career will be an Engineering Student so it will have a negative salary.(Since being an engineer is a hard career, you will have to invest in yourself. Negative salary = Tuition Fee)

Rabbithole is at the Science Lab

Joining Text:
Have you always been interested in machines and how they work? Are you dreaming of developing a machine that will change people’s lives for the better? Well, a Mechanical Engineer is the right job for you!

The Career has 5 Custom Opportunity
1. Human Powered Vehicle
2. Design Blueprint
3. Give Seminar
4. Attend World Convention
5.Agricultural Mechanization

It also has 2 Custom Tones
1. Study Concepts
2. Tinker Machine

Now, let’s proceed to the Job Title, Job Description, Salary, Day and Time of Work.

1. Engineering Student- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri. -$50/hour 9am-4pm
You are now on your first step in becoming a great mechanical engineer. This is the time where you invest on yourself through studying the principles of engineering, physics and material science. Study hard, graduate and pass the board exams so you can experience the deeper world of machinery!

2. Engineering Intern- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri. $20/hour 8am-2pm
You finally got your first job as an Intern. Get ready to work long hours in the field doing engineering work, such as performing certain tasks like stamping and sealing designs and offer services to the public. So start improving your logic and handiness skills to improve efficency and productivity of your projects.

3. Junior Engineer- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri. $25/hour 8am-2pm
As the Junior Engineer, you ensure the safety of the engine room. You are responsible for the maintenance of all systems on board. And of course, continued education to further increase your knowledge in product manufacturing and system analysis is still important to advance in your career.

4. Associate Engineer- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri. $50/hour 9am-2pm
Being an Associate Engineer, you perform routine engineering work and study leadership in Energy and Environmental Design so you can finally do independent work. Impress your boss and maybe someday you’ll solely handle lead major projects. So better think outside the box!

5.Technical Support Specialist- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri. $80/hour 9am-2pm
Do you think you can handle endless customer inquiries received from clients and distributors? As a Technical Support Specialist, you promote customer satisfaction by responding to customer inquiries with accurate information and troubleshooting. Maintaining and updating Expert System of product and applications information database is also your responsibility. So practice your social skills and have happy customers!

6. Product Quality Analyst- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri. $100/hour 10am-3pm
In the engineering industry, it is important to have high quality and functioning products. So it is your job to look at products, systems and materials to make sure there are no defects and made to company standards. You work in many different fields, from the food industry to transportation. You also read blueprints and use specialized inspection equipment to measure the standards of quality. Be a critical observer and build a good reputation!

7. Lead Design Manufacturer- Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat. $170/hour 11am-4pm
As the new Supervising Engineer, you are responsible in directly coordinating and monitoring activities of personnel at all levels. You maintain operations data, oversee project improvement meetings and monitor work area. You have finally got to lead a major project, so make sure to do your best on this great opportunity!

8. Senior Mechanical Engineer- Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat. $220/hour 10am-4pm
Due to your hardwork and perseverance, you are now promoted as the Senior Mechanical Engineer. You are assigned with bigger responsibilities such as, performing site surveys, providing expert Mechanical Enginnering input to the Operations Management including review of proposals and specification of mechanical equipment in particular static equipment items. You also contribute to the development of static equipment policies. You are a few steps away from making a mark in the Engineering industry!

9. Chief Engineer-  Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat. $300/hour 10am-4pm
Congratulations! You are now the Chief Mechanical Engineer! You have proved yourself to the whole engineering industry. You are responsible for the overall operations and technical performance of the department. You also provide leadership in both project and financial management in the applicable technical discipline. The long hours of work have finally paid off! Keep up the good work and you might just be the legendary engineer you’ve always wanted!

10. Engineering Phenomenon- Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat. $300/hour 10am-4pm
You are now a world renowned engineer! Your innovative machines have made a remarkable impact which improved the lives of people around the world. Your famous designs in manufacturing and mechanical systems have pushed the envelope in the engineering society. Thousands of corporations seek expert advice from you for the overall quality of their machines and equipment. From a dreamer to an influential Mechanical Engineer, you’ve become an inspiration to aspiring engineers. Congratulations! You are a legend!

Hope you guys like it!  Download Here

Now you can vote for the career you requested via poll. Highest vote will get a chance to be created. Good luck!

Screenshot 4Sneak peek!

First Look at Mechanical Engineering Career

Engineer Application

Hi guys! I am now close in finishing my 4th custom career. Namely, The Mechanical Engineer! I will definitely post the test file here.So you guys better watch out! Happy simming!


October 4, 2013

Hi guys! I have been seeing your suggestions regarding the custom careers! Just keep them coming. I am REALLY busy right now but will definitely make a custom career based on your suggestions real soon. You can also check out Missy Hissy Job Center for other custom careers that some of you are suggesting. You can see it at the About section. BTW all careers are patch compatible with 1.57. Cheers everyone!

Hi guys! How’s everyone doing? I was thinking of creating another custom career but I don’t have any idea what to do.There has been some suggestions but I would like to hear more from you guys. Please feel free to comment on this post on what custom career would you like to be added here. Thank you and happy simming!

Career Language Strings

March 4, 2013

Hi guys! I have updated the careers. The Socialite and Monarch career should work on non-English games.  The Modeling career has now Norwegian translation. Thank you and enjoy!